Monday, March 26, 2007

lovely and fabulous

Just returned from New York City, where I reveled in seeing my son interact joyfully with friends, relatives, and strangers of all different skin colors and ethnicities. My 19-month old is still pure and unaffected by racism. Everyone in the world is a potential friend. It just may be enough to wave and smile and the other person will wave and smile back. What a lovely thing.

Also, I got to meet Carmen Van Kerckhove, the founder of New Demographics and editor of,, and, some of my favorite blogs. She and I had coffee in Manhattan and she is, of course, fabulous. Should have gotten her autograph. But at least that gives me another reason to go back to the Big Apple.

By the way, Carmen invited me to be a columnist on antiracistparent. I am honored, but intimidated too. I will let you know when my first post is up.

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Carmen said...

Hey Tereza, I really enjoyed meeting you - I'm so glad we were able to arrange it! And YOU are the one who's fabulous, not me. :) I'm loving this blog, and I can't wait to see how it develops. Whenever you're ready, please do send me that first post for Anti-Racist Parent! It'll be great to have you. :)