Saturday, June 02, 2007

Supreme Court ruling severly limits recourse against workplace discrimination

Last Tuesday, May 29, the Supreme Court ruled to restrict time limits on workers filing discrimination complaints. Employees who decide to sue their employer on the basis of workplace discrimination, now have six months to file their case. In other words, according to the News Sentinel, "employees can't reach more than six months back in time to complain about discriminatory practices."

"The ruling essentially says tough luck to employees who don't immediately challenge their employer's discriminatory acts, even if the discrimination continues to the present time," said Marcia Greenberger, co-president of the National Women's Law Center quoted in the News Sentinel article.

This is a huge set back particularly for women and people of color. Here is yet another example of the current administration's attack on our civil rights.


Changeseeker said...

Supposedly, the legislature is discussing pushing for a legislative over-turn of this decision. Like they stood up to Bush on funding for the war on Iraq, I imagine.

Tereza said...

Changeseeker, thank you for commenting. Yes, like you, I have my doubts about this decision getting overturned. I hope it will be. I looked at your blog. Great work! Do you, by any chance, want to submit one of your posts for this month's Erase Racism Carnival, hosted here? For example, the Billy Ray Johnson one would be perfect! What do you say?