Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Life has been a whirlwind. But because I haven't been posting here doesn't mean I haven't stayed dedicated to my personal mission of working towards racial justice.

Over the last year, I have written several articles that I would like to repost here. They are not necessarily directly related to parenting, but they do show some of my thinking and involvement out in the wider community.

It is my hope that more white people will educate themselves as well as speak up and stand up against racism in both interpersonal and institutional contexts.

Over the last year or so, I have been doing that in the articles I have written, but my commitment to the work strengthens as time goes on and as I find more allies and more concrete ways to affect change.

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mow-leafah said...

When I lived in america, I knew black americans were getting politacaly correctly locked up for crack. it is a mind mess! when I think of english africans in america... with thier dignity and a decent education, what is going on here? rehab? no.... prison!